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Bookkeeping made easy. Here’s how:


Cloud-Based or Quickbooks

All your bookkeeping can be done on a secure, cloud-based software. That means that you can log on and view your company’s financials at any time and in any place. All you need is an internet connection. If you’d rather keep everything on Quickbooks, we can do that too!

personal accountant


Not sure if a purchase qualifies as an expense? Need to know why profits are lower than they were last month? You’re just a phone call or email away from a professional. No call centers, just a real live bookkeeper & advisor who knows your business personally.
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sales tax calculation

Sales & Occupancy Taxes

Many business owners consider taxes to be their biggest headache. But don’t worry, you can be taken care of there too. Whether it’s sales tax for a retailer, mixed beverage tax for a bar, or occupancy tax for a hotel or rental property, your taxes are properly calculated and paid on time on your behalf. No more underpayment or late penalties.

pictures of receipts

Easy Receipt & Invoice Tracking

The cloud-based software also allows you to store all your documents securely online. Say goodbye to piles of receipts. And you’ll never risk losing your records in the mail on the way to your bookkeeper. Simply take a photo of each receipt or invoice and you can email it or upload it directly to the bookkeeping software.

your timeline

Your Timeline

Maybe you’re only interested in seeing monthly or quarterly financials. Or maybe you need to see them every week. You decide how often your accounts are reconciled and when you want to see how your business is doing.

financial statement analysis

Optional Financial Statement Analysis

Entering transactions and preparing financial statements is one thing. Knowing what those numbers mean is another. To many business owners, only one number matters; the net profit. With our expert analysis, we can show you what the rest of your financials mean, and how to make informed decisions based on those numbers that increase your net profit.
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